A Time of Love - 愛情來的時候
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The four themes will be City / Modern, Tragedy, Comedy and Cartoon.

A Time of Love in MALAYSIA
Theme: Tragedy
Cast: Kate Tsui, Chris Wang, James Wen

Acar accident took away SHAN (Kate Tsui) memory, even the one she loved!The only thing she knew was SING (Chris Wang) risked his life to rescueher from the accident. Because of the rescue, SING had trouble walking and cost him his career as a racer. It was also because of this accident, SHAN and SING developed a romantic relationship and eventuallymoved in together. The couple had a sweet heart warming life together, SHAN thought SING was the love of her life and the two decided to get married. The couple spent a few days preparing for their wedding, but then SHAN encounters her Taiwanese ex-boyfriend HO (James Wen). HO said SHAN was his ex-girlfriend and took her to many different places that looked familiar to her...

A Time of Love in SINGAPORE
Theme: City / Modern
Cast: Charmaine Sheh, Kenneth Ma, Hank Chen

Singaporecreation company's female high executive CRYSTAL (Charmaine Sheh) received a wedding invitation from her ex-boyfriend. When she was thinking about whether she should go, she coincidentally encountered a young employee OSCAR (Kenneth Ma), who had just transferred to Singaporefrom Hong Kong. CRYSTAL used her authority to force OSCAR to be her partner and accompany her to the wedding, so she can upset her ex-boyfriend! Unfortunately, the two encountered a chain of misunderstandings along the way. OSCAR thought CRYSTAL was bring a bag full of dangerous weapons to the wedding, and the two ended up at the police station! OSCAR later saw the soft side of his authoritative female superior and realized she had her weakness towards love too. Whenthe two were released from the police station, the wedding was already over, but CRYSTAL still insisted that they go meet her ex-boyfriend, OSCAR had no other choice but to continue being her partner...

A Time of Love in KOREA
Theme: Comedy
Cast: Linda Chung, Yeon Jung Hoon

Koreanillustrator KING (Yeon Jung Hoon) is not only an artist, but also workspart-time as a Korean tutor. One time, a gorgeously dressed girl from Hong Kong LINDA (Linda Chung) hired him to teach her Korean because she and her boyfriend were preparing to move to Korea. During her lessons, LINDA's arrogant attitude made KING dislike her, but in order to make a living KING continued to be her teacher. However as time goes by, KING'simpression on LINDA began to change and he discovered the cute side of her. At the same time, KING also found out about the secret between LINDA and her boyfriend...

A Time of Love in JAPAN
Theme: Cartoon
Cast: Wong Cho Lam, Naomi Wantabe, Arron Yan

CHANDAI TIN (Arron Yan) is from Taiwan, he flew to Japan because he wanted to know the secret of the 300 year old fruit shop "Wadaya". In Japan, hewent around looking for Wadaya's 10th generation descendant YOSHIKO WADA (Naomi). Unexpectedly when TIN got to Wadaya, he was surprised to see YOSHIKO was actually a fat and ugly girl. YOSHIKO had to follow her family tradition of marrying before age 30 otherwise "Wadaya" will end in her second Uncle's hands! To prevent this from happening, YOSHIKO setthe terms with TIN, she wanted him to pretend he's married to her untilshe turns 30...