Secret Jouju S1 - 魔法俏公主
Every fairy that lives in Fairy Tale Land attends the Full Moon Festival. Jouju gets late while practicing for her performance at the festival. Meanwhile, witches Poison and Medusa attack Fairy Tale Land and everything turns to stone – including the fairies. Medusa and Poison are trying to collect the magical power of Fairy Tale Land into one Secret Stone and bury Fairy Tale Land in the darkness forever. Jouju and Lulu, who are late to the festival and does not turn into stone, witness what the witches have done and successfully snatch the secret stone from the their hands. Jouju and Lulu are attacked by the witches while running away to the human world. The secret stone shatters and the pieces scatter all over the human world. The human world has become a dim place after Fairy Tale Land turned into stone and Jouju’s friends have lost their memories of Jouju. Jouju and Lulu’s adventures to bring together Secret Flower Band to save Fairy Tale Land begins.